Has the Higgs boson aka 'The God Particle' been discovered?

Find out what it all means from CERN physicists and Dr Higgs' colleagues, watch How do you find a Higgs boson? and Importance of the Higgs Boson.

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We started Vidiowiki with a simple idea: why not let scientists tell you about their work themselves? Science news in the media is usually inaccurate and sensationalized, and we want to fix that. Find out more...

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Humanoid Robots / Edinburgh University

Sethu Vijayakumar spends his days building robots and teaching them to be more human. More >

Gaming for health / University of Colorado

Katie Siek is studying the application of game design and gaming to healthcare and wellbeing. More >

Responding To Disasters / Brown University

Pascal Van Hentenryck applies mathematical optimization methods to natural disaster response and recovery planning. More >

Sex Differences In The Brain / Cambridge

Simon Baron-Cohen explains how prevalence of autism amongst males can be explained by differences in the brain More >

Fluid Turbulence / Wesleyan University

Dan Blum explains how his team is studying fluid dynamics of liquids with massive lasers. More >

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