Gavin Kretzschmar

Gavin Kretzschmar


Gavin is a lecturer in finance at the University Of Edinburgh and the Director of MSc in Finance and Risk. He also works on banking risk research with Barrie and Hibbert (Financial Risk Consultants) while retaining his commitment as a full time faculty member of the University.

Gavin is a specialist in the area of financial sector risk (especially market and credit risk modelling of Economic Capital), applied corporate finance research, and financial fraud detection. His research is focused on financial institutions & finacial markets (market, liquidity & credit risks; Basel II), project finance, and the energy sector (global resource ownership; commodity market structures; asset pricing; price volatility).

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Credit Crisis - Wholesale Markets
Credit Crisis - Wholesale Markets added on 14 Feb 2009
The two factors leading to the credit crisis
The two factors leading to the credit crisis added on 14 Feb 2009

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